Reaching Out to Oakville...Ministering to You!

Our ministries exist to enable believers to serve our Lord Jesus Christ, love another, and to engage our members, regular attenders, and you in the Christian life.

Each one has a biblical purpose and the pursuit of goals and objectives take into account our abilities, the needs of individuals, and our church's resources.

Cornerstone works to remain a trusted place where anyone can connect with God and others.


Cornerstone is continually extending the love of God to all people living in Oakville and beyond with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We provide multiple weekly services and quality programs which enrich the lives of all individuals and families who regularly attend or visit our services.

We are a Biblical, caring, committed pioneering church family with opportunities available for believers within the body of Christ.

 There is a warm welcome waiting for you and your family!

How May We Serve You?