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God Loves You

God totally loves you! His love is boundless and unconditional. The love of God has shown itself through Jesus Christ. This loving God can be experienced, He is real and He wants nothing more than for you to experience His love personally and to discover the purpose of your life in your relationship with Him.

1 John 4:16  Psalm 16:11

You Live Apart from God

Unfortunately, we do not experience God’s love because we ignore Him.
We search everywhere for meaning and fulfillment – but not with God. We don’t trust Him and do not think that He wants the best for us. Going our own way and the selfish actions that result from it are what the Bible calls sin. Sin damages and destroys our relationships with others. Sin keeps us from living the fulfilling life that God intends for us.

Romans 3:23 Isaiah 59:2

God gave His very best for you and me.

Our sin and our selfish actions do not stop God from loving us. He even became a human being in Jesus Christ and gave His life for us. He took our place on the cross, bearing all the consequences of sin Himself. Jesus died – but He rose to life again. He offers us peace with God and a personal relationship with Him. Through faith in Jesus, we can experience God’s love daily, discover our purpose, and have eternal life after death.

John 3:16 1 Peter 3:18

Will you choose, by faith, to receive Jesus Christ

God has already done everything to show us how much He loves us. Through Jesus Christ, He offers us fulfillment and eternal life. We can talk to God directly – we call it “prayer” – to ask for forgiveness for living our lives without Him.We can choose to live with God by trusting Jesus Christ from now on. How will you decide?

1 John 4:16  Psalm 16:11



 Sunday Bible Classes                     9:45 AM

 Sunday Morning Worship           10:30 AM

 Sunday Evening Gathering           5:00 PM

 Midweek Bible Study                     6:30 PM*

 Youth Nights                                     5:00 PM

   last Sunday night of each month

Meeting Locations

Sunday Services

  Holiday Inn (Oakville) Centre

  590 Argus Road  |  Oakville, ON


Midweek Bible Study

  *(Locations, Dates & Times Vary)

 Contact Us

 Cornerstone Baptist Church

 Box 60057  |  RPO Glen Abbey

 Oakville, ON  L6M 3H2

  ph. (905) 847-3530